Make someone's day! Give the gift of yummy food.

Give a Scotty P’s Gift Certificate

Please complete the form below. A Scotty P’s representative will contact you for credit card information and to complete your transaction over the telephone. We’ll mail your Gift Certificate directly to its recipient (you can even send it to yourself). No lines, no waiting, no hassle, now that’s what we call a GIFT!

Why give a Scotty P's gift card?

Happy Birthday
Administrative Assistant’s Day
Boss’ Day
Teacher’s Day
Father’s Day
Mother’s Day
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Happy Hanukah
St. Patrick’s Day
Grandparent’s Day
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day
Earth Day
Veteran’s day
Arbor Day
Flag Day
Cinco de Mayo
Columbus Day
Ground Hogs Day
Boxing Day (U.K. and Canadian Residents)
A Boomerang Gift {In hoping you’ll be asked along to redeem}
Just Trying to Impress Someone
Tax Write-Off {For Our Corporate Friends}
Gift to a Homeless Individual
Originality {Everyone’s already received a boring, mega-chain certificate}
Random Act of Kindness {Change the world one hamburger eater at a time}
Boost the Economy
Efficiency {Guys Only– No more wasting time shopping for things you won’t buy anyway}
Graduation {For that awkward, “What to get under $20”}

Gift Card Request

  • Tell us about the recpient

  • For Gift Cards for more than $25 we issue multiple cards to equal the amount of your choosing.